Test Post of Test Posts

This post is the Test Post to Test for Most Everything Relevant.

This includes abbr:

Mr. Kai

and address:

D. Kai
c/o: K-CO Enterprises
777 Skyway Place
Somewhere, Someplace 777777
Greater World


A blockquote.

And a second paragraph to test the paragraph formatting within a blockquote since WordPress sometimes misformats paragraph tags contained within a blockquote or another div container.

A link, too.

A list:

  • Item Number One
    • Sub Item One
    • Sub Item Two
    • Sub Item Three
      1. Sub Sub Item 1
      2. Sub Sub Item 2
      3. Sub Sub Item 3
  • Item Number Two
  • Item Number Three

And some code:

html { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; }

And a table:

Champion Great One
Sefyrion Bephemos
Aeros Diakonos
Ignazio Pteros
Nolan Phykos
Footer that Stretches

And some preformatted text:

.dragons {
   width: several people wide;
   height: two people tall;
   background: some of them are special;

And a button: