Coming Home

Accidentally Left Behind and now caught in the World of the Lost, Fuzzy is an exotic, purple, and plush stuffed cat backpack who is on a mission to Return Home to his Rightful Owner, Human One, and Best Friend before Time Runs Out.

It’s a Race Against the Clock as he embarks on his journey home and along the way, he will meet both friend and foe who will either lend a helping hand or try to trip him up.

Can he keep his wits about him in this strange world? Will he be able to overcome all the larger-than-life obstacles that stand in his way? And, most importantly, will he be able to Return Home On Time?

Story Outline and Formatting

Owing to the nature of the project, the story of Coming Home is told in both a novel and in-game format.

Story and Art Samples

Fuzzy – so he was named by his Human One – was Dreaming when he heard his Human One’s voice calling out for him and when he awoke to answer, he awoke to the sound of his own voice calling out for his Human One in turn.

“…? …?! …!!!”

“… He’s not here.”

Startled, Fuzzy bolted upright from the park bench where he had been resting and found himself face to face with a tall human male who was dressed all in white – white hat, white jacket, white pants, and white shoes – and who was pushing a white square cart with bells that quietly chimed with his every footstep.

“Who – who are YOU?” he demanded to know.

The man inclined his head and gave a faint smile. “I am the Ice Cream Man.”

“… The Ice Cream Man?” Fuzzy parroted as he eyed the man and the cart in bafflement.

“Yes, I am the Ice Cream Man,” the Ice Cream Man repeated. “I sell ice cream treats you see.” Pausing in his pushing, he gestured to his cart which, upon closer inspection, had the words ‘Ice Cream’ along with pictures of various ice cream treats emblazoned along the sides. “Besides selling ice cream, though, I am also here to tell you that your Human One isn’t here.”

Fuzzy lashed his tail. “Then… where is he?”

“He’s at home, sleeping. Like you ought to be… Fuzzy.”

Author’s Notes

Since childhood to adulthood, I have always kept a fuzzy plush friend close by my side.

As a child, the comfort from having such a friend during trying times was a very automatic thing. If I was hurt, scared, or otherwise unwell, a fuzzy plush friend was an immediate potential source of comfort.

As an adult, though I still kept most of my plush friends around, the comfort wasn’t realized until after the fact and it served to remind me that no matter if you’re young or old or somewhere in between, comfort can still be found in fuzzy plush friends.

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