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At SpirInk Studio, all tattoos tell a story and Trey Kai’s is no exception. A depiction of his mind’s landscape made real in ink on skin, the tattoo is not just a story… it’s his life.

Story Outline and Formatting

With his final ink – a sprawling, spiraling, and winged creation to cradle his back – representing his journey through life, Trey’s life is relived and retold across the series of inking sessions required for the completion of the tattoo.

As such, the novel is divided up into chapters with each chapter corresponding to a day of inking that comes and goes starting from the first day that Trey steps foot into the tattoo and piercing parlor known as SpirInk Studio.

Story and Art Samples

When the man named Trey Kai walked into SpirInk Studio, it was as if Darkness itself had walked right in with him.

From his booted feet to his motorcycle helmet, Darkness cradled and swathed his entire body in layer upon layer of seemingly endless midnight black.

The black, calf-high, full grain leather, steel toe-reinforced boots that made a thump-thump-thumping sound as he walked across the floorboards…

The distressed and well-worn black denim jeans that clung to his lower body like a second skin and rippled along the length of his legs as he walked…

The double-pronged silver buckled black leather hand-tooled belt that moved and swayed to the motion of his hips…

The black ribbed tank top that molded to his upper body with a fit like that of his jeans…

The black leather motorcycle jacket that topped it – full grain and well cared for – whose silver zippers quietly chimed to the tune of his every footstep…

The matching black leather motorcycle gloves that quietly creaked at the flex of fingers…

The motorcycle helmet that shone obsidian and glowed with silver metallic fire as it caught the light from overhead as it was being removed…

And once the helmet came off, the Darkness continued.

There was his hair – glossed like polished ebony and braided all along the shape of his skull in a manner fit for a tribal warrior – whose loose ends decorated with stainless steel beads chimed melodically to the shake of his head as they clinked and chinked together…

And then below it, there was his face that was as severe in expression as it was dark with shadows with lips straight and unsmiling and with normally amber brown eyes so dark and deep that they looked like beads of onyx instead of beads of tiger eye – a severity and darkness only further heightened by the pair of thick and slanting ebony slashes that were his eyebrows.

InSpir(INK)ed - Ladder of Life

Author’s Notes

Out of all of my projects, InSpir(INK)ed and Notherland are the most personal and the closest to my spirit.

Seeded during a particularly tumultuously trying period in my life, these stories – if I had to be honest – were written for one audience and one audience only in mind – me.

This isn’t to say that I discourage others from sharing in these stories, no.

Rather, unlike the other projects I have put out and will put out in the future for a more public consumption, these works are – in a way the other ones are not – wholly and completely mine in all ways.

No compromises, no censorship, no choices made on behalf of someone/anyone else, and no ‘correct-ness’.

Come as you are… or don’t come at all.

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