Bulletin Board

You are viewing theme 8TH4N – a personal WordPress theme built and designed by Aithan with help from the tutorials offered by ThemeShaper.com.

Though minimalistic in design, 8TH4N is (or will be as I am not quite done!) robust, flexible, and fluid in structure and as such, is able to natively support single, double, and triple column layouts while also adapting to different screen sizes… without the use of either tables or CSS3-only specifications.

8TH4N is therefore a multi-browser friendly theme and is coded to web standards (which are currently constantly changing) with accessibility in mind.

Though 8TH4N may be adapted for different purposes owing to its robust collection of custom templates which offers different layout options, it excels most when it’s used to help structure a full-featured website that houses both collections of words – like blogs – and collections of images – like portfolios.

8th4N is currently under the development phase and is available only as an in-house theme and not available for outside distribution.

Thank you for understanding,
~ Aithan