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Individual Projects

It's Fuzzy and His Colors!
Coming HomeONline!
– A cross-media project that follows the adventures of the accidentally left-behind exotic, purple, and plush stuffed cat backpack named Fuzzy as he embarks on a race-against-the-clock journey to leave the World of the Lost and return home to his rightful owner in time.
InSpir(INK)ed - Ladder of Life
– At SpirInk Studio, all tattoos tell a story and Trey Kai’s is no exception. A depiction of his mind’s landscape made real in ink on skin, the tattoo is not just a story… it’s his life.
– Originally titled Nik in Notherland, the story of Notherland is a visual and textual documentation of the passing of time in the life of the Creator of the NotherScapes in the realm of the Notherland.
Beyond RedemptionONline!
– Condemned to wander the Mortal Earth as a Cursed Immortal for all eternity to atone for Sins he had committed in a previous lifetime of existence, Cypher is a notorious rogue mercenary, bounty hunter, and unofficial odd jobs man who takes on any and all jobs that nobody else can or will.

Collaborative Projects

The Boy Who Loved a Dragon
The Boy Who Loved a Dragon
– Starting from their first meeting and ending with their final departure from the Outside World and spanning the course of nine years, the illustrated novel details the Boy’s Growing Up and Coming of Age and the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a First Love between him and the Dragon.
World Neverending - Sefyrion the Fair (Headshot)
World Neverending
– A long-term cross-media project involving longitudinal time and space-spanning world, story, and character-building. The title link goes to Aithan’s own personal project page for World Neverending. More detailed information can be found on the studio’s project page.