Shadows in CSS are Overdone

I’ll just be blunt and say it: I think CSS box shadows, text shadows, and pretty much ANYTHING shadows is overdone to the point of exploding when tapped with a fork much less when poked and prodded.

When I download a supposedly basic stylesheet to look at and find out that even its stripped and totally ‘clean’ form contains pre-populated box shadow declarations for things like forms and menus…


Besides the fact that it is an ASSUMPTION that every designer is going to WANT box shadows or any shadows in the first place, it is also potentially unnecessary code-bloat… and for what, exactly? To make every last button and menu item have a drop shadow effect? Why?

And then there are people – A LOT OF PEOPLE – who use text shadows for their entire websites’ worth of text-based contents and for websites that encourage selecting chunks of text for reference, this is PAINFUL on the eyes.


Seriously, has no one even bothered to look before implementing such a thing?

Feeling like a bunch of Boos flew off with my brain,