Getting Some Work Done… or Not

Good news first: The Boy Who Loved a Dragon is approximately 90-95% done in terms of the manuscript.

Year 12 needs to be completed, Year 15 is under heavy revision, Year 16 needs to be completed, the rest of the Years are 95% done if not 100% done, and all-around plot-tightening and transition-smoothing needs to be finished.

It’s slow in going, but it’s getting there and Sefyrion the Editor has become the ‘Fixer’ and the word, according to him, is ‘things will get done’.

In regards to the illustrations, Ian has been busy at work and has made some awesome progress in that regard.

So that’s the good news.

Then there’s the – well, not-so-good news.

With The Boy Who Loved a Dragon being at around 90-95% done in terms of the manuscript roundabouts early March and with my foot finally being able to stand an hour or so of non-elevated sitting without giving me too much trouble, I thought I could make it a goal to crank in some additional time and push the number to 100% pre-edit for April.

It… kind of worked… and then kind of didn’t.

After doing a bunch of minor edits – plot tightening, plothole closing, smoothing out transitions, adding and subtracting dialogue, etc – my creative energy started fizzling and petering out and to be honest, it’s been something of a challenge to get it back.

Before I took the injury to my foot, I was going pretty strong in regards to getting in a consistent amount of writing time on a fairly regular basis and even if I had my ‘off’ days, I would be able to pick it back up fairly quickly.

Then the injury happened and… everything kind of went downhill after that.

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More Website Work in Progress

So shortly before I took my injury to my foot (yeah, the bone is still fractured six months later – WTF) I started work on crafting my own custom online portfolio design and styling.

Now that my foot has at least calmed down enough to where I can sit for slightly longer periods of time without it swelling to obscene sizes, I have been working on finishing up the portfolio coding and propagating my various web pages with their appropriate content (in addition to working on The Boy Who Loved a Dragon, of course).

Recent updates include my Projects page, certain individual Project pages, and some behind-the-scenes code-tweaking and though it doesn’t seem like much, after being unable to even sit for more than an hour without my foot swelling, this is like a giant step for me (and yes, pun very much intended!).

Work is continuing for The Boy Who Loved a Dragon and Coming Home and a future post ought to detail their progress notes.

Hoping everyone’s having a good 2014,

Website WordPress Theme Work is Going!

It’s been a bit of a slow going – especially with my injured left foot (you can read about it in the Personal posts) – but it’s going!

Specifically, I have been working on a custom portfolio template to integrate into my/this WordPress theme.

Ideally, besides having a clean and simple layout, I want my portfolio to be easy-access and easy-to-browse… with easy-to-browse meaning easy to return to browsing other parts of my portfolio.

Also, I am aiming to do this without adding in a bunch of extra pages or files or code while making the content within as easy to update as possible.

So far, I have set up a working styled wireframe of what I am considering for the layout and what’s next is conclusively tackling the issue of accessibility and user friendliness.

Hopefully, that will be coming up soon in a near future update so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for following along,

Saw the Podiatrist…

Well, so I finally got my appointment with the foot specialist on the 23rd (specifically, a podiatrist) and learned a few things about my foot that I hadn’t known about.

1) The Fractured Cuboid

Firstly, the fracture runs somewhat horizontal from one end to the other from the region of articulation of my fifth and fourth metatarsals to the navicular bone.

Though I knew it was horizontal, I never knew where, exactly, the fracture was. Now that I know… well, I can only say that it makes sense given how I had taken the injury.

Secondly, being that the fracture hasn’t yet healed despite the two months of strict non-weight-bearing and some additional immobilization (cam walker boot when I HAD to leave the house, but I always used crutches)… the fracture is apparently considered non-union and needs some extra help to get the fracture to fuse and heal.

This, I was concerned about, when the six week MRI showed the fracture and the fact that it hadn’t healed. Wonderful. MORE non-weight-bearing.

2) The Contusion

Besides the soft tissue more surface-level contusion, there is a bone contusion of my second metatarsal head which I mentioned in the previous post. The fact that it STILL shows surface bruising – especially if I try to put weight or pressure in that region which stresses that bone, however, is apparently representative of the injury done to the bone and I can expect an extended healing time.

That was both depressing and relieving to hear; at least I know the pain I feel especially in that region is not just in my head.

3) The Numbness

Well, I guess after taking the snare-and-fall like I did, I shouldn’t be surprised, then, to learn that the numbness between and along my first and second metatarsals and along a V-shape from toes to midfoot is caused by definitive nerve damage.

Nerve conduction tests are on the horizon and despite the fact that I can hardly feel anything in certain areas, I am NOT looking forward to them.

Also, treating nerve damage is counter to treating a fractured foot. While the cuboid needs immobilization, the nerves need mobilization.

That said, the podiatrist told me that given so many things going on at once, we’re going to take things one step at a time which means treating the fracture first (bone stimulator, here we come!) and after that, we can hopefully better treat the nerve issue while the bone contusion itself will simply take extended time to heal.

Waiting around while healing, I don’t mind. Waiting around and with treatments not working, I do mind.

Bottom line is: It’s been two months already.

The fracture didn’t heal on its own like it should. Though we’ll be using a bone stimulator (do those things even work in the first place?), what if THAT doesn’t want to work, either? Surgery?

Also, what if the nerves can’t be fixed/healed properly?

What if, what if, what if.

I hate what-ifs.

And, to think that most everyone thought that this was just a bunch of bruising (including me) – PFFFT. Should have known, really, given the kind of accident I had.

Aith, out.

Still Off My Feet

So on August 22nd, I took an injury at work.

I got my left foot caught under a heavy all-metal fixture and unable to get my foot free in time, I pitched forward and slammed my face against a nearby desk before falling to my hands and knees with my foot still caught.

At first, the doctors diagnosed the injury as a ‘contusion’ and my busted lip (from hitting my face against the desk) had to be stitched back together and I thus started my recovery in a non-weight-bearing state with my left foot swollen and bruised in a flipflop sandal strap pattern and my lip swollen and stitched.

Four weeks passed and the worst of the acute swelling disappeared and my foot ‘unlocked’ itself from the dropped position it was stuck into after the injury and I was able to finally very carefully heel touch. However, I was still unable to toe touch, weight-bearing was extremely painful, I had lost sensation in parts of my foot, and my foot still swelled regularly if it wasn’t elevated and all of this continued into six weeks.

At the six week mark, though previous x-rays showed nothing too serious besides the swelling, the doctor ordered an MRI and sure enough…

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Thematic Post #2

Here is a second thematic post!

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